About Koba English

(Skulle det gå bättre på svenska? Ni kan läsa här i stället.)

Koba English is me, Katherine Koba, a one-woman repository of English knowledge. I provide English editing, translation, and tutoring services based in Stockholm, Sweden. Here are the most salient points of my CV:

  • BA in English (Creative Writing) and Philosophy from Hamilton College in Clinton, NY, USA.
  • CELTA administered by the Instituto Británico (now the Centro Cultural Británico) in San José, Costa Rica.
  • Professional teaching experience within the South Korean language academy (hagwon) system.
  • Freelance experience as a private tutor within Stockholm (references available upon request).
  • Professional copyediting experience within the sciences (focus on agronomics, veterinary health, and human health) for The Scientific and Technology Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK).
  • F-skatt registered.
  • Member, The Society for Editors and Proofreaders.

If you want to get in touch with me, I’m very easy to find.

  • You can email me at kat@koba-english.com
  • You can message me on Twitter (@KobaEnglish).
  • For tutoring inquiries, you can visit my UniversityTutor.com profile.
  • For translation inquiries, you can visit my ProZ.com profile.
  • For inquiries with serious budget constraints, you can visit my Simbi.com profile. (Swedes: no, this has nothing to do with pet supplies!)