Translating and Localization

Translating your work into English is a great way to get your writing out into the world in front of millions (perhaps even billions!) of eyes, and I can help you get there. My current labors of love are lesser-known women authors, particularly in literary fiction; if that describes your project, I’d love to work with you! I’m also comfortable with marketing copy, journalism, and genre fiction.

When it comes to languages, my main focus in translation is from Swedish to English. However, I’ve had an interest in foreign languages for as long as I can remember and have experience (and wildly varying proficiency!) in a few languages:


I took five years of French in primary and secondary school. I also took a further two semesters at college. (B1)


I took four years of German in secondary school. (A2)


I took three semesters of Russian at college, as well as two terms at Komvux. (A2)


My work in Korean has been entirely independent self-study, beginning in 2009 and continuing off-and-on ever since. (A1)


I studied Swedish for one semester at Stockholm University in 2007 as an undergraduate, and continued my studies through SFI and SAS at Lernia. (C1)

If you’re looking to target an American audience with an already-finished translation, I can help you with localization.