Friday 5: It Means Everything

"It Means Everything" album cover, Save Ferris
A piece of my childhood.

If you were outside right now, what would you most likely be doing?

If I had answered this when I usually do (Saturday), I would have said “running.” But I woke up this morning to fresh snowfall so now the answer is “not running.” Good thing I dragged myself outside for a run on Saturday, at any rate! Monday’s not looking like a good possibility.

Right now, what’s a little too close to you?

Downstairs neighbor likes to play REALLY LOUD music every Sunday. But we’re leaving in a few hours to see Dramaten’s production of Hamlet so whatever.

Right now, who misses you?

Family and friends, I imagine.

Right now, what’s having its way with you?

The wifi all the way out to my “office” in the kitchen is absolute garbage, and the minute my sambo does anything online I’m stuck waiting for what scraps of bandwidth are available.

What do you most wish you were doing right now?

Nothing else in particular. My life at this moment in time is going pretty well.

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