Friday 5: Then You Begin to Make it Better Better Better Better Better Better Yeah

close-up shot of an icicle melting.

What’s something you hated as a teen but love today?

I’ve made peace with getting up (relatively) early in the mornings, running, and even the pop music of my youth.

What’s something you recently dreaded that turned out not too bad?

I actually haven’t been dreading anything recently, so hard to say.

How do you feel about February as it compares to January?

There’s more snow and more sunlight, so I’d say it’s an improvement.

Who among people you know is really making the world a better place?

One of the founding members of the Austin Feminist Sci-Fi Book Club works with allocating funding to victims of violent crime and I’m super proud of him.

In what way is today better than yesterday?

Every day these days is a little lighter and a little closer to spring, so I’ll take it.