Friday 5: Mischief Managed

This week’s Friday 5 has a Harry Potter theme and it’s killing me because I think the Harry Potter books are the trashy TV of the book world and are some of the most overrated books I’ve encountered. Also, Rowling keeps liking vaguely and not-so-vaguely transphobic posts on Twitter and it’s really off-brand.

selective focus photography of grumpy face toddler sitting on plaid pad taken during daytime
My “mediocre book” face. // Photo by Ryan Franco on Unsplash

At least the questions are interesting?

The Mirror of Erised doesn’t show a reflection of you at the moment, but of you and what your heart most desires. If you gazed into it today, what image would you see?

I would see SO MANY finished manuscripts. And I don’t know how you could visually convey linguistic fluency: I guess a library full of books in Swedish, Korean, French, Farsi, Russian, German…

Who’s really pissed at you right now?

There’s a couple people in Stockholm I definitely haven’t endeared myself to (and sometimes it feels like such a small city that I genuinely worry about running into them on the street or at an event), but I don’t know if they’re actually angry at me. Nor do I want to know!

What model vehicle would be great to turn into a flying car?

Obviously a Chitty!

What item in your house could use a dose of magic, and what would extraordinary quality would you like to imbue it with?

Hell yeah I want my oven to just materialize food out of nowhere. It’s not that I mind that my dietary intake for the past few weeks has been peanut butter sandwiches, instant noodles, and pizza—I just know that I need a little more variety than that.

Among people you know, who is most likely and secretly born with magical ability?

If it could be anyone it might as well be me, right? I want it to be me.

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