Friday 5: Great and Small

Image courtesy Alan E

What’s your favorite large, furry animal?

Giraffes and okapis! (Or maybe okapi is both singular and plural?)

My darling okapis hover somewhere between threatened and endangered. Please consider donating to the Okapi Conservation Project.

What’s your favorite large sea creature?

Dolphins are jerks, and they’re not particularly large, but I still love them.

What’s your favorite insect?

Honeybees! Like okapis, they also need help. You can donate to conservation projects or plant bee-friendly native flowers in your garden. If you’re short on cash and garden space, you can join Simbi and support this “Johnny Appleseed for bees” project for free.

What are your favorite names for pets you’ve known?

A childhood friend had a hamster named Zamboni, which is a pretty great pet name, I think! When I was in Northern California a few years ago, my friend’s girlfriend at the time had a dachshund with the very appropriate name Vienna. Best Chemist Friend also has a history of cats with great names: Sterling, Tiger Lily, Feyd, and Bookcase.

Besides unicorns, what are some mythical beasts you wish were real?

I’ve never really desperately wanted unicorns to be real; I can take or leave them. A griffin or hippogriff would make a cool pet, and also double as a form of transportation. Why wait for the subway when you can just fly?

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