Friday 5: Repeat

What’s something you are repeatedly asked to prove?

I hate doing freelance taxes every year.

What’s an album you can listen to on endless repeat?

When I was doing evergreen content writing for a hot minute, I put Abbey Road on repeat while I worked. It’s not like I especially like the album; it’s more like there’s nothing on it I hate and it made good background noise. (I think “Golden Slumbers”/”Carry That Weight” are criminally short songs, though.)

What’s a story you’ve told several times?

Oh, any of my “one time in Korea” anecdotes, I’m sure.

What’s something you always order at a certain restaurant?

Best Chemist Friend and I were dedicated patrons of a local Italian restaurant throughout high school and our college years, and I always, always, always ordered the penne vodka. Grown up macaroni and cheese!

In what way do you hope this weekend will be exactly like last?

That tutoring will go well and that I’ll have plenty of time left over to myself to relax.

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