Unknown Playwrights

An empty old-fashioned theater, with gilded walls and a red velvet curtain.

My knowledge of English playwrights, despite a four-year degree in English writing, is non-existent. Not entirely my fault; too often English literature, at least as it concerns the stage, is basically translations of ancient Greeks, two hundred years of Shakespeare, and then ex nihilo sprang the teeming multitudes of twentieth-century theater. (I seem to recall learning that Aphra Behn wrote for the stage, but I only ever read Oroonoko.) Fellow writer and fellow former teacher Bryan Stubbles is doing me, and all of us, a favor by creating Unknown Playwrights, a blog that highlights and reviews unknown playwrights. (W)Right what it says on the tin. He does a thorough and admirable job of digging up the biographical details as well as links to the works in question for the curious. Definitely of interest to all my fellow literary nerds who missed out on all of this because they weren’t theater or playwrighting majors!

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