Friday 5: Acromony

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When were you recently SOL?

My main computer, an HP Pavilion named Regan, has generally aged well and continued to perform well, fan replacement aside. But one issue seems to haunt this model of laptop, and that’s a crack in the left hinge, or in the case near the left hinge, and according to the guy who fixed my fan, there’s nothing to be done except replace the entire case. Between that and the new fan, I’d be halfway to a new computer.

So Regan will just continue to stand open, a desktop replacement rather than an actual portable computer, and I’ll hope that the problem is then a non issue for me until she gives up the ghost!

What was a recent SNAFU?

We moved over the summer, and we happened to move during some track renewal and repair on the Stockholm subway line. Unfortunately, we happened to move from the one unaffected green line to one of the two affected green lines, which added probably twenty to thirty minutes and two train changes to what should have otherwise been straightforward commutes.

From what social gathering were you most recently AWOL?

I missed this week’s Stockholm Writing Group Meetup to attend a lecture on Korean politics instead. This is the first Meetup I’ve missed since I stepped up as co-organizer, so I think I deserve it!

When has someone reminded you to MYOB?

Probably my sambo, just because we spend most of the day together.

What might get in your way this weekend as you TCB?

Take care of business, I presume? And I don’t know what might, really. Weird commutes to tutoring. Our move also entailed that what was once a simple 5-minute subway ride is now a 45-minute odyssey requiring overshooting the destination just to get on the right subway line or a meander-y local bus route to the right subway line. Sigh.

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