An auspicious confluence of happenings means that my sambo and I spent last week moving house! This is amazing. Our new place is a huge improvement and once the dust settles I’ll be all kinds of productive. (Seriously. Nothing like leaving your new, comfortable, spacious apartment in a cozy neighborhood to clear out the last things from your tiny, crappy apartment in an overstuffed crappy building to realize just how dåligt the stämning really was.) But for now we’re still unpacking and I’m catching up after a week of “move everything that wasn’t ready in time for the movers” plus three days of “the last tenant never even used the Internet so no one knew it was broken or how to fix it.”

Meanwhile, here is a street performer who was out in the centrum in the blazing hot sun last weekend. Swedes are a tough crowd; she was a good sport. It was the perfect way to spend our first weekend in our new neighborhood!

A hula hooping street performer standing on the shoulders of two men, spinning one hoop around her waist and one around each arm.
Toni Smith performing in Bagarmossen.

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