Friday 5: Waste

Compact cubes of trash in a landfill on a sunny day.
Photo by Bas Emmen on Unsplash

What’s something you unintentionally threw away?

Nothing, thankfully!

What disgusting memory of garbage do you have?

The job I worked at in the US has a picnic grove attached to it. It’s a tourist trap (I say that in the most affectionate and loving way possible; I love tourist traps) in a small town, so naturally it has a bit of extra property with space for visitors to relax and plan their next stop (or for visiting school groups to eat their lunch). The trash cans in that picnic grove were some of the foulest things I’ve smelled in my life, especially during the summer or after a tour of 120 school kids with bagged lunches. They usually required two people to empty, too, since they were big, heavy-duty things, and the picnic grove was downhill and across the street from our dumpster.

I get nostalgic for that job a lot, but not for that part of it.

How are you about deleting emails?

I think the oldest email in my inbox is from 2006. It’s weird to think I have emails that are older than some (most) of my students, but there you have it. I should maybe be better about deleting them, though.

What do you treasure that someone else considers trash?

One of my best sources for beads is old jewelry no one wants anymore.

What’s the litter like in your neighborhood?

Not too bad. And the Nazis have stopped putting up posters as well!

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