Friday 5: Aroma

Garlic, chili peppers, and other foodstuffs in baskets on a market table.

What’s something you enjoy that contains garlic?

Um, literally everything?

One of my culinarily-inclined friends here grew up with sound advice from her mother: “There’s never enough garlic in recipes. You should always double however much garlic they recommend, and then that’s enough.” This piece of advice served my friend well until she tried a recipe from her garlic-loving mother that she didn’t realized was already calibrated to have an appropriate amount of garlic. Yowza.

What’s something you enjoy that contains ginger?

Probably a few things. Yujacha (Korean lemon honey tea) springs to mind. Ginger is a flavor I tolerate because it turns up in cuisine that I like (Korean), but on its own ginger is awful and I hate it.

What’s something you enjoy that contains cloves?

I’m sure I’ve had mulled wine or hot toddies or hot buttered rum with cloves at some point. No complaints. It’s a cozy flavor.

What’s something you enjoy that contains cinnamon?

There’s a scene in the short-lived, maybe-underrated show “Welcome to Sweden” (starring Amy Poehler’s little brother, with cameos from Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell) where baby Poehler turns down a kanelbulle and tries to explain to his Swedish girlfriend’s family that he doesn’t like cinnamon.

“How can you not like cinnamon?” they ask each other, bewildered, in Swedish baby Poehler can’t understand. “It’s just a spice. It’s not like Hitler.”

That moment was too real.

What’s something you enjoy that contains celery?

If you put it in a chili or a stew, I’ll eat it, but on its own celery is one of the more disappointing vegetables.

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