Friday 5: It’s Electric

An old-fashioned incandescent light bulb.

Welcome to 2018, everyone!

Anthony Indraus

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done with electricity?

I generally treat electricity pretty respectfully, so my more clueless moment isn’t dangerous so much as impractical. The first time I went to Korea, though, I thought it would be a good idea to bring my Hot Shot with me? Despite the obvious differences in electric outlet standards? I don’t know why I thought it would be so hard to find a hot water kettle but there you have it.

How did you last pass the time when your residence was without power for at least a few hours?

There was a huge power outage in Stockholm in the fall, and we were in one of the last neighborhoods to get fixed. I didn’t need to do much to occupy myself since I happened to work for most of it, but it did mess with my lessons that day because I needed to print a few worksheets out.

Around how many AA and AAA batteries do you have on standby?

I don’t need AA batteries much these days, but we always have one of those bulk AAA battery packs from Kjell and Company around for my optical mouse.

How do you feel about lightning?

I’m a fan, though I resented it growing up because it meant I couldn’t use the computer.


When did you last dance the Electric Slide, and if you’ve never done it, what’s the closest you’ve come to dancing the Electric Slide?

It came up at the reception for the wedding I was at in August. I’ve always thought of The Electric Slide as a collective memory; something I couldn’t reproduce on my own but would suddenly remember in a large enough crowd of people. False! (Before that it had easily been fifteen years since I’d last danced it.) And none of the wedding guests seemed to remember it, either. It was up to my buddy and ride to the wedding (pictured above dipping his feet into the Atlantic), who spends a lot of time contra dancing, to coach us all in it. He drove eight hours in one day (four hours there, four back) to attend the wedding, so I hope that moment made it worth it for him. That, and all of the Moxie he stocked up on.

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