Friday 5: Tiny Gestures


What might you put in a small, pretty glass bottle as a romantic gift to someone?

I imagine some kind of memento from a place that’s important to both of you, like some sand from the beach you went to on your honeymoon, or water from the stream you went fishing in for your first date, or a petal from their favorite flower. That kind of thing.

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Someone you care very much for is leaving for a long time but will be back. What small object (not a photo) might you give him or her to remember you by?

One of my best friends from college has a family tradition of using something white to wave goodbye to someone leaving on a trip. Anything white—when either of us have remembered to do it with each other, it’s usually a receipt from a wallet, purse, or glove compartment. Who doesn’t always have fifty million receipts hanging around?

But I don’t think I would really gift anyone leaving on a trip a proper memento. They’ll be back, right? So what’s the point?


If you were to leave a small mark in your current residence, as lasting evidence that you lived there, what would you leave, and where would you leave it?

My family often vacationed at a cabin up in Danby Vermont, right on Tinmouth Pond. We always got at least one breakfast at Sugar and Spice, and my brother and I were allowed something from the gift shop. I almost always opted for a watercolor paint set. They came with maybe five or six thematic pencil sketches (kittens, natural vistas, etc.) for you to paint yourself, and one year I left one of my masterpieces propped on a beam in my loft. I hope it’s still there!


What would you like to toss into the fires of Mount Doom?

Microsoft Word’s spell check has saved my bacon on more than one occasion, but the grammar check tool is worse than useless. I’d like to see that one go the way of Clippy.

Those adopt-a-star things are gimmicky rip-offs, but if they weren’t, and someone gave you one as a gift, what would you name it?

Probably after someone I care about. It would depend on who was on my mind at the moment I got the little certificate.

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