Greek and Latin Roots: “L” Base Words

More classical base words again, this time ones that start with “L.” Please keep in mind that these are base words, rather than prefixes or suffixes. We’ll come to those in a later post (though there are already some preliminary posts under the “affixes” tag). If you want to review the rest of the base words we’ve covered so far, here are the posts to go over:

Base Meaning Example
lab take syllable
labor work laborious
later side unilateral
lav wash lavatory
leg, lig, lect pick, read legible, eligible, collect
leo(n) lion leonine
libr book library
lingu language linguistics
liter letter literate
lith stone monolith
loc(at) place local, location
locut, loqu speak, talk elocution, eloquent
log word, reason, study logic
luc, lumin light lucid, luminous
lud, lus play, trick, mock elude, illusion
lup wolf lupine

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