Greek and Latin Roots: “H” Base Words

Somehow we’ve made it to “H” in our tour of classically derived English vocabulary! Again, these are all bases: the foundations to which we add affixes to form words. Affixes are coming in a later post. If you’d like to review past letters, use the links below

Base Meaning Example
habit dwell, keep inhabit
hal(e) breathe inhale
haute high “haute couture”
(h)em, hemat blood anemia, hematology
hemer day ephemeral
hemi one half hemisphere
hepta seven heptagon
her, hes stick, cling adhere, cohesive
hexa six hexagon
hor(o) hour horoscope
horr frighten horror
hum damp earth humidity
human human being, mankind humane
hydr(o) water hydrant
hypno sleep hypnosis

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