Greek and Latin Roots: “F” Base Words

Today’s list of classically-derived word bases is another longer one, so buckle up. If you’d like to brush up on previous entries:

Base Meaning Example
fac(t), fect, feit, fic, fit do, make facilities, factory, benefit
fal(l), fals, fail, fault false, mistake, fail fallible, default
fel cat feline
fend, fens strike offend, defense
fer, lat bear (v.), bring, go confer, collate
fess speak confess
fin(it) end, limit, term final, finite
flat air, blow inflate
flect, flex bend deflect, reflex
foc focus focal
for hole, opening, doorway perforated
forc, fort power, strength, strong enforce, fortify
form form, shape formal
fo(u)nd, fus pour, melt foundry, refund, confuse
fum smoke, vapor fumigate
funct perform function

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