Greek and Latin Roots: “D” Base Words

We’re already at “D” in our journey through classical base words. If you’d like a refresher of posts past, help yourself:

I will absolutely be taking a second look at affixes from Greek and Latin, but for now I’m looking at base words (sometimes called root words). It’s a short list again this week, but useful!

Base Meaning Example
dec(im)(em) ten December, decimate
dei, divin god deity, divinity
dem the people epidemic
dent tooth dentist
derm(at) skin hypodermic, dermatology
dexter, dextr right hand dexterity
dic(t) say, speak, tell predict
dos(e), dot(e) give dosage, antidote
duc, duct lead (verb) induce, deduct
dyam power, strength, strong dynamic

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