Greek and Latin Roots: “C” Base Words

“C” is for cookie, that’s good enough for me…

“C” is the next stop on our journey through classical base words. This is our longest list so far, and there are quite a few helpful base words in here; you might want to take some notes. As always, this list is taken from Appendix C in Greek and Latin Roots: Keys to Building Vocabulary, with some small changes of my own in the “Example” column. You can see the “A” words here and the “B” words here.

Remember, these are base words, or stems: these are the main “chunks” onto which affixes are added, rather than actual affixes.

Base Meaning Example
can dog canine
cap(t), cept, ceive take, seize, get capture, receive, perception
caps case capsule
cardi heart cardiac
ce(e)d, cess go, move, yield recede, proceed, excess
celer swift accelerate
cent one hundred century
cent(e)r center eccentric
chrom color chromatic
chron(o) time chronic
cid, cis cut, kill genocide, excise
clam(at), claim shout proclamation, exclaim
class classic neoclassic
clin lie, lean recline
clud, clus, clos close, shut exclude, inclusion, enclose
col strain, sieve percolate
corn(u) eagle cornucopia
cosm(o) world, order cosmetic
cotta cooked, baked terra cotta
cred(it) believe incredible
cu(m)b lie, lean incubate, incumbent
cur(s), cour(s) run, go concur, cursive, courier, course
cuss hit, strike percussion
cycl(e) wheel bicycle

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