Greek and Latin Roots: “B” Base Words

Our next stop through classical root words is “B.” It’s a short list this time around! Again, these are all taken from Appendix C in Greek and Latin Roots: Keys to Building Vocabulary, with some small changes of my own in the “Example” column. You can see the “A” words here.

Remember, these are base words, or stems: these are the main “chunks” onto which affixes are added, rather than actual affixes.

Base Meaning Example
barbar savage; savagery barbarian
bell(i), bellum war belligerent, antebellum
bi(o) live, life biography, biology
bibli(o) book bibliography
bol throw symbol
bon, bene good, well bonanza, benefit
bov cow bovine
brev short abbreviation
bys bottom abyss

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