Happy Birthday!

And right after Midsommar, there’s me. 🙂 Today was a quiet day, with kladdkaka, tempura, and alcohol.

Kladdkaka poses another interesting translation challenge. It literally means something like “gooey cake,” but I think we can agree that reading that in a description of a party would be distracting at the very least! A “gooey cake,” in my mind, is a half-melted Carvel ice cream cake. (Though of course we all know those things never melt.)

Image courtesy Erik Borläv
Image courtesy Erik Borläv

This is not the kladdkaka I had, of course. This is perhaps a bit too dry and fluffy to be truly kladdig, but it’s close enough.

Kladdkakor are also traditionally chocolate. But a chocolate cake isn’t necessarily a kladdkaka. Because an inherent aspect of a kladdkaka is the gooey nature of it; “kladdig” just sounds a bit more exotic and appealing than “gooey.”

A brownie cake, perhaps? A fudge cake? A brownie fudge cake? Whatever you call it, it’s my favorite Swedish dessert.

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