English Vocabulary With Affixes: Using Prefixes to Make New Nouns

This is part 2 of an ongoing series about common English affixes and their Swedish equivalents. You can find part 1 here: using prefixes to make new verbs.

I’m using the most common prefixes, as compiled by UEFAP. Today’s segment is about using prefixes with nouns to make new nouns. When it comes to the Swedish translations of this prefixes, you’ll notice that they’re often identical or close enough. This list, and other upcoming posts on affixes in English and Swedish, is not a complete list! (For a more complete list, refer to the above UEFAP link.) These are simply the ones that have something like a Swedish equivalent.

Prefix English meaning Swedish equivalent
anti- against (antibiotic, antithesis) anti (antiklimax), mot (motgift)
auto- self (automobile) auto (autobiografi)
counter- against (counterargument, counterattack) mot- (motargument)
dis- the converse or opposite of (discomfort, dislike) o- (obehag, olust), av- (avsmak), mot- (motvilja)
hyper- extreme (hyperactive hyper (hyperinflation)
in- converse or opposite of (inattention, incoherence) in- (inkompatibilitet), o- (oförenlighet)
inter- between (interaction) inter- (interaktion)
kilo- thousand (kilobyte) kilo- (kilogram)
mega- million (megabyte) mega- (megabyte)
mis- wrong (misunderstanding, misapprehension) miss- (missförstånd)
mono- one (monoculture, monogamy) mono- (monoton)
neo- new (neoliberal) neo- (neonatal)
poly- many (polyphony) poly- (polygraf)
pre- before (prefix) pre- (prefix), för(e) (förord, företal)
pseudo- false (pseudoscience) pseudo- (pseudonym)
semi- half (semi-completeness) halv- (halvcirkel), semi- (semikolon)
sub- below (subset) under- (underavdelning)
super- more than (superpower), above (supervisor) över- (överflödig), stor- (stormakt)
tele- distant (television) tele- (telesystem)
under- below (undergraduate), too little (underpayment) under- (underplagg)
vice- deputy, assistant (vice president) vice- (viceordförande)

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